Oiled Leather Renovator


Famaco Oiled Leather Spray is an easy to use renovator, which refreshes the character of oiled leather and waterproofs to ensure maximum protection and to maintain the original character.

Oiled Leather Spray is a quick fix, easy to apply spray which will nourish the Royal republiQ leather and stop it from drying out. 


How to apply:

- Apply Famaco Oiled Leather Cream direct to your chosen area, at a distance of around 20-30cm.
- The spray allows for a quick and smooth application, so be mindful to apply one coat and not overuse
- Once the product has been applied, with a clean cloth massage the spray into the leather to ensure it is absorbing and going deep within the leather. This is important as the formula needs to penetrate deep within the leather to revive it and restore the soft, supple feel
- Leave to dry 

Color: Neutral


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